Mari Received “3rd Place” in The OFF CENTER Exhibit!

OFF CENTER 2022, an International Ceramic Competition – Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA



This year’s juror was Rachel Gotlieb, curator of Ceramics at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.


“Portal I” (left): 16”h x 11”w x 5.5”d, Coil-built stoneware, resist, underglaze, cone 1 oxidation, 2021
“Portal II” (right ):  19”h x 11.5”w x 8”d, Coil-built stoneware, underglaze, sgraffito, cone 1 oxidation, 2021


“Born and raised in Japan before moving to San Francisco in 1989. Mari has a multifaceted portfolio of skills such as floral design, graphic design, and kimono design that aid in the creation of her unique pieces. Much of her work is inspired by nature. Her Portal pieces are inspired by the chambered nautilus that has roamed our oceans for 500 million years. She considers her work a doorway into the distant past and a gateway to a vibrant future.”