Chanda S. Beck


Blossom Porcelain Vases
Ezme Designs Bird Bowls and Mugs Collage
Ezme Designs Honey Pots
Ezme Designs Food on Platters and Plates
Porcelain Dessert Plate
Ezme Designs BudVases
Charlie Cup or Small Bowl
Ezme Designs Small Porcelain Plate
ezme designs collage


Chanda S. Beck is the owner of Ezme Designs and has been working in clay for over fifteen years.  She graduated in 2004 from the California College of the Arts (and Crafts) and joined the Berkeley Potters Guild in 2012 after starting her functional line called Ezme Designs in 2007.  She works in stoneware and porcelain clays fired to cone 6 and uses whatever technique befits the particular piece using wheel throwing, hand-building and slip-casting to create her work.  Chanda is interested in abstract representations of nature using simple geometric shapes and retro colors.  She actively shows her work around the Bay Area and has sold her work nationally and internationally.  Her favorite book is The Secret Life of Plants which encouraged housewives of the 1970s to talk to their plants.

Abrams/Claghorn Gallery Albany, California

Pence Gallery, Davis, California

AMOCA (American Museum of Ceramic Art), Pomona, California


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