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"I use the clay as a surface to practice a Zen-style brushwork, using simple forms and vibrant, happy colors."
-- Margaret
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Contact:   Contact Margaret at 415-386-3116, or by email at .
Purchase:   Margaret's work can be purchased by contacting her directly, or by visiting the Berkeley Potters Guild sales events and weekend gallery at 731 Jones St., Berkeley, CA.
Margaret enjoys working in her studio at the Guild with her daughter Isabel, 4-1/2, frequently at her side.

Using earthenware clay, Margaret explores the glaze's color and temperament as it flows from the brush. She paints on simple forms, and makes her favorite, miniature fragrance bottles, for the holiday season. Having sold her work in galleries and museum shops nationwide and in Japan, Margaret now almost exclusively shows her work at the Guild.

During the past year she has developed a clay class for pre-school age children. Each one begins in the "Magic Garden" at the story table, where elves and fairies discover surprises that the children then make from clay.

Margaret graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in ceramics, and later took master classes at San Francisco State University. She now lives in San Francisco with her husband, Duncan, and Isabel.