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"My hope is that the final piece stands as an exquisite witness to a moment when clay, glaze, fire and potter were one."
-- Kimi
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Contact:  Contact Kimi at 510-524-8759 or

Purchase:  Kimi's work can be purchased by contacting her directly, or by visiting the Berkeley Potters Guild sales events and weekend gallery at 731 Jones St., Berkeley, CA. Please visit -

I was born a Sansei (third-generation Japanese-American) and raised in a traditional family in Lodi, California. My appreciation for everyday objects that are both pleasing and utilitarian is bound to my heritage and the pieces my parents chose to decorate and use in our home. My work integrates these influences and reflects an East/West aesthetic.

All of my pieces are hand-thrown porcelain and glazed with formulas that I have developed over my three-decade career. My work has been purchased for homes and collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia and is sold in museum gift shops, galleries, and art shows.

The solitary process of working with clay has rewarded me with an experience of peace and centering. Dealing with the unpredictability of clay and fire has developed a patience and quiet strength that is evident in my compelling colors and elegant forms. I strive to impart these qualities and the joy of using a piece of art into the lives of those who use my vessels everyday.