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Pocket Planter
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Giant Clove Hanging Planter
Good Egg Container
Hold Me Mug
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Pocket Planter
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I am Jennifer Fisher, the founder of JFish Designs, a handmade ceramic giftware company. I am an artist and designer with a background in Industrial Design and Design Research. Trained in Ergonomics and Industrial Design, I have a unique perspective that is reflected in my work. I strive to combine style & beauty with comfort and accessibility, designing products that are approachable, touchable, and beautiful. My work ranges from kite building to concrete installation with a current focus on slip cast ceramic tableware and gardenware. My ceramic collection is composed of items that combine an organic aesthetic with a functional purpose. This includes vases, containers, mugs and planters each of which is finished with non-toxic glazes. Each piece has a unique shape that encourages the user to interact with it, whether by wrapping his or her hands around a mug, or arranging a set of pieces together so that the shapes can compliment each other. Handmade with care in Berkeley, CA.

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